Who Vì is?

Vittoria Rutigliano was born on 02/10/197X in Conversano, southern city of Bari.

In 1996 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari in Theatre Design Course and collect his first work experience in the design of the fabric and restoration architecture and painting. Later he turns his interest in set design and the world of theater, collaborating on trompe – l’oeil painting.

Resumes after a few years academic studies investigating the techniques of engraving graphics and graduated in 2009 with a thesis that studies the artistic influences of futurism entitled ” Futurist Fashion … ……………… .. “.

Integrates both his artistic training in music, studying music theory and piano. This contamination continues with the musical art inspires the artist to study the writing of music and to test the translation in a form of aesthetic – painterly, devoting so the reworking of classical texts music, for music not just to listen to, but also to be seen.

Over the years Vittoria acquires ever greater masterful collage technique referred develops new methods of bonding and experiences tens of interaction with other artistic elements such as paints and supports.

To date, the original and distinctive traits of his collages are the balance of the compositions, the stretch often “scratched” image and his natural ability in the “construction of figures with figures”

Several were his artistic collaborations and participations in exhibitions, both personal and collective.